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We welcome all texts and calls! (850) 284-9637

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts Under $10!

February 12, 2021

We get that sometimes spending even $20 on a gift is just not in the budget. That's why we've gathered our 3 favorite DIY Valentine's Day Gifts UNDER $10!

#1 ~ Date Night Idea Jar
Total Cost: $5/$6 
This jar is the perfect gift to get adventures started for next to nothing! 

What you need:

~ Popsicle Sticks
~ Mason Jar
~ Ribbon/Burlap
~ Paint of your choice
~ Small Paintbrushes
~ Sharpie
~ Wax Paper
~ Cookie Sheet/Counter Space

Start by planning out the adventures and color coding them based on the type. Lay out your wax paper and put the popsicles down to paint. While those are drying, measure out your ribbon and burlap. Cut it to fit and make your ribbon, tying it tight enough so it doesn't slide off. Once they're dry, take your Sharpie and write the adventures down on each popsicle stick. After it's all down on the sticks, you can organize them in your jar and you're done!

#2 ~ Rose Wreath
Total Cost: $6/$7
A gorgeous wreath is a gift to be enjoyed year round. 

What you need:

~ 2 Sets of White Roses
~ 1 Round Floral Foam
~ 1 Leaf/Vine Garland
~ 1 or 2 Magnolia Bushes
~ Floral Scissors

Take your roses and magnolia bushes and trim them down with floral scissors. Next, pull out the garland and lay it out on the floral foam so it looks how you would like. From there, you can place your roses and magnolias where you please. So simple!

*** If you want to keep this wreath outside, we suggest using this spray that we've always trusted!
#3 ~ Candy Card
Total Cost: $8-$10
Nothing says "I love you" quiet like a thought out, custom candy card. Show your poetic and clever side!

What you need:

~ Poster board
~ 6 Pieces of Candy 
~ Sharpie
~ Tape
~ Scissors

Plan out your message keeping candy names in mind. Once you've come up with your message, you can hit the Dollar Tree to get your supplies! Use your scissors to cut the poster board if you wish, and the tape to secure the candy to your love note!